Group 1 Hints | Word Puzzles

    1. I am doing nothing.
    2. I put you down.
    1. I am getting excited.
    2. I am about enforced rest.
    1. I smell rotten.
    2. I am very close.
    1. You must manage without me.
    2. I am unfriendly.
    1. Winners are not me.
    2. I might have paddles.
    1. I have funnel shapes.
    2. I can be heating or chemical.
    1. I am probably not where you are.
    2. Smart clothes do not like to be me.
    1. You can see me on TV.
    2. My companion word might not like being me.
    1. Concentration can be me.
    2. Look for me in paella.
    1. I am different.
    2. We have boats.
    1. I am big but no longer around.
    2. We are very small.
    1. I graze in warm water.
    2. We graze on dry land.
    1. I come in singles.
    2. I come in the afternoon.
    1. I have been going round in a circle.
    2. I am a very good example.

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