Scrabble Rules

A blank scrabble board can be seen below.

  1. You must play in a straight line. All letters must touch at least one other letter. On the first move you must play 2-7 letters with one letter on the central square. On other moves you must play 1-7 letters.
  2. After every move all words (reading from left to right and from top to bottom) must be valid.
  3. You score for all words created in a move.
  4. Premium letter scores apply before premium word scores. Premium letter and premium word scores apply only once for each square, when first a letter falls upon the square. If a word falls on more than one premium word scores, you multiply the premium scores together.
  5. A bonus of 50 applies to using 7 letters in a move.

Premium Squares

Blank scrabble board.

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