Pottage | Family History

With the help of Benita Coupland, Michael Pottage and other researchers, we have traced ancestry back to William Pottage of Riccall, Yorkshire, England, born in 1674. We have established that over two thirds of all the Pottages in the world have William of 1674 as an ancestor.

Currently the best place to see this research is on the web site of John Paine, first cousin of the above Michael Pottage. Pottage family history.

If you are interested in the Lincolnshire branch of the Pottage family, which we now known links to the main family, please see my Lincolnshire Pottages Public Member Tree on Ancestry.

Part of the tree prepared in 1999 of the descendants of William Pottage (1674-1732), my great great great great great great great grandfather you can see here. You will probably need to view this at 200% magnification.

Now that I have a scanner, I intend to publish more of my father’s research that he did in the early 1970s. Watch this space!

William Pottage (1760-1818), who is my great great great great grandfather married first Eleanor Barker. To view information on the Barker family tree, please click here.

If you have any research involving Pottages we would be happy to include a link to it on this page.