How We Work with You | Puppies

Once we have had a scan to confirm that our bitch is pregnant, we advertise the litter. Although the scan rarely gives an exact number of puppies, it gives us an idea. We then start a waiting list.

Waiting list

People can join the waiting list after a telephone or Skype interview. We do not add anyone just on the basis of an email exchange.

While the bitch is pregnant, prospective owners can come to join us for a walk with the mother to be (plus any other dogs we have). While anyone can do so, we most encourage this for those who are changing breed or who have not had a dog for a long time, if ever. Seeing an adult golden gives prospective owners a better idea of what life will be like: puppies do not stay puppies for long!

As we invite round only as many people as we have puppies to place, we please ask anyone who decides to obtain a puppy from elsewhere or changes their mind about having a puppy to inform us promptly. Likewise, if anything happens that affects our ability to provide a puppy, we will tell you.

After the birth

Once the puppies arrive, we provide regular updates on the puppies page. As it takes a while to check that all the puppies are thriving, we do not immediately contact everyone individually. We aim to post pictures once a week, although this depends upon how busy we are!

Once we have a clear picture of how many puppies we have available, we contact those on the waiting list to arrange for the fortunate people to see the puppies. Visits will be at about five weeks old, typically on the first weekend after the puppies are one month old. We aim to give those with the furthest to travel first choice of time to visit. The visiting slots will coincide with when we expect the puppies to be awake and out in the garden. They spend a lot of time asleep to start with!

When you visit

Assuming that you like the puppies and we think that you would offer one a good one, we each sign a contract and we take a deposit from you at the five weeks visit. We will continue to provide updates for the rest of the time the puppies are with us.

We do not allow people to choose a particular puppy when they visit at around five weeks. This is because certain characteristics, such as conformation for the show ring, working ability and personality do not become apparent until the puppies are older. In any case, what the puppies have in common – upbringing while with the breeder and parentage – far exceeds any differences. All puppies should be suitable for a pet home. The one thing we do allow people to specify is the gender of the puppy, although where possible we do try to find at least one home willing to take either – this allows us to offer a wider choice for any puppy going into training as an assistance dog.


Once the puppies are eight weeks old or very nearly so, we usually have a collection weekend when the puppies go to their new homes. As with the viewings at five weeks, we aim to give those with furthest to travel first choice from the available collection slots.

During their final weeks with us, an experienced dog trainer and the owner of the stud dog will usually have come to see the puppies. Once they have visited, we identify which puppies are going other than to pet homes (for example into training as assistance dogs or for showing). For the puppies going to pet homes, we may offer a choice of individual puppy either by telephone/email or when you come to collect. Please do bear in mind that we might not be able to offer a choice and that the puppies will all be lovely!

Please note that we do not export puppies. If you live outside the UK, you will normally need to come both to visit and collect a puppy, the same as for someone nearer.