Yorkbeach The Sailor was born on the 30th of May 2022, he is from Florence's first litter

Teddy has yet to have his first mate but we have had his semen tested and the sperm count was over 1,000 million, five times as much as needed to achieve pregnancy. Teddy also exhibits the various behaviours you would expect in a stud dog, interest in sniffing bitches, mounting if he gets the chance, and in scent marking.

He belongs to a family on the outskirts of Bridgend and gets on well with everyone, people, dogs and even has tolerable relationship with the household cat! He is a handsome, sweet-natured, young dog with a lovely temperament and a majestic golden coat. He is a cuddly chunky teddy bear of a dog weighing just under 40 kilos.

His own hip score is 25 (12-13), which is a bit higher than the breed average, but as both of his parents (11 and 8) and all four of his grandparents (12, 11, 12 and 8) have good scores, he is likely to pass on good scores. His elbow score is 0-0, which is perfect. Teddy has a clear eye certificate and 0 PLA (Gonioscopy) score, which also is perfect. He also is DNA tested clear or hereditary clear of both the eye conditions for which the Kennel Club keeps an official record – PRA1 and PRA2.

Teddy’s father, Artie, was still siring puppies at 11 years old, and had sired puppies for Guide dogs when he was younger. His mother, Florence, has achieved the Good Citizen Gold award and is a qualified therapy dog.

Teddy is one of few health tested, show line, golden retriever stud dogs with a true golden colour.

We recommend that bitches who come to Teddy have hip and elbow X-rays and an eye test. While we advise doing this before your bitch is in season, we may may be help you find somewhere to get the health tests done quickly if need be. We also strongly advise that his mates have their blood tested to determine the best time for mating and again we know of good places for progesterone testing.

If you wish to enquire about using Teddy as a stud dog, please tell us about your bitch, roughly where you live and when you are expecting her in season (or when she came into season if she is already in season).