Alfie playing with a furry rug, 5 weeks
Bed time
Boys, 2 weeks
Buster, 2 weeks, hiding
Buster in garden, 6 weeks
Buster playing with a tennis ball, 5 weeks
Buster taking it easy, 4 weeks
Duke on blanket, 4 weeks
Eating a proper lunch
Girls, 2 weeks
Having a snooze, 4 weeks
Looking up for his photo
Lunch time
Milk bar, 3 weeks
Peeping over the wall
The proud parents
Theo sniffing a kitchen roll, 4 weeks
Theo wondering were mum is, 5 weeks
Trickett by door, 4 weeks
Trickett stood, 6 weeks
Willow having a sniff, 4 weeks
Xylo by a wall, 6 weeks