Balina 2weeks
Balina 3 weeks
Balina 4 weeks
Balina 5 weeks
Balina sit formal
Balina stand formal
Baxter 2weeks
Baxter 3 weeks
Baxter 4 weeks
Baxter 5 months
Baxter 5 weeks
Baxter sit formal
Baxter stand formal
Honey 2weeks
Honey 3 weeks
Honey 4 weeks
Honey 5 months
Honey 5 weeks
Honey sit formal
Honey stand formal
Josh 2weeks
Josh 3 weeks
Josh 4 weeks
Josh 5 weeks
Josh 9 weeks
Josh plays with Elsa
Josh sit formal
Josh sleeps by Elsa
Josh stand formal
Milk bar nearly2weeks
One day old with Elsa
Phoebe 2weeks
Phoebe 3 weeks
Phoebe 4 weeks
Phoebe 5 weeks
Phoebe in box
Phoebe on weighing scales
Phoebe sit formal
Phoebe stand formal
Sandy 2weeks
Sandy 3 weeks
Sandy 4 weeks
Sandy 5 weeks
Sandy licks saucer
Sandy sit formal
Sandy stand formal
Suckling at milk bar
Triton 2weeks
Triton 3 weeks
Triton 4 weeks
Triton 5 weeks
Triton sit formal
Triton stand formal
Winnie 2weeks
Winnie 3 weeks
Winnie 4 weeks
Winnie 5 weeks
Winnie chewing
Winnie licks saucer
Winnie sit formal
Winnie stand formal
all 8 of us
at the milk bar bar
boys 1 week old
getting a bit crowded
girls 1 week old
home when master changes our bedding