Emily Spiegelhalter 1878-1931

Family photo
Standing: Remigius. Sitting, from left: Fred, George, Emilie

Emilie Spiegelhalter was born in July, August or September 1878, probably at 6 Mount Place, Whitechapel. As the eldest of the girls she would helped in looking after her younger brothers and sisters.

On 11 February 1902 Emilie married Remigius Winterhalder. He was the son of Cölestine Winterhalder and Lorenz Zähringer, born on 24 September 1866 in Urach in the Black Forest, very likley at the the inn ‘Kalte Herberge’. He took his suranme from his mother as parents were not married. Remigius had come to England in 1881 to learn his trade as a watchmaker thereafter working for George Beha.

Remigius sometimes used the forename Remin and sometimes the surname Winter. It seems unlikley that he ever officially changed his name. He sang in the London Black Forest choir (second from the left below, taken 1906).

Photo of choir.
From left: Albert L?ffler, Remigius. From right: George Beha

Emilie and Remigius lived in Islington. Emilie died on 9 February 1931 and Remigius died in October, November or December 1933. The picture left is from 1913.

Emile and George had five children:

  1. Edward Winterhalder (born and died quarter 2 1904)
  2. Frederick Albert Winterhalder (born 26 March 1907, became Frederick Winter 10 November 1937, died 10 December 1971)
  3. Elizabeth Winterhalder (born and died quarter 1 1909)
  4. George Edward Winterhalder (born quarter 2 1910, died 2 April 1983)
  5. Winifred Emily Winterhalder (born quarter 1 1918, died quarter 3 1958)

Fred Winter worked occasionally at the Mile End shop but his main job was as a stockbroker's assistant. Fred was a popular member of the family and a practising Catholic. He married Syvlia Margaret Lee on 10 September 1938. They had 4 children.

George on Fred's wedding day

George Winterhalder was a hospital clerk and married an Irish lady, Mary C Kindlan in the third quarter of 1948. George and Mary had no children.

They lived originally in London Colney near Watford before retiring to Newry in Ireland. Mary worked as a nursing sister in a mental hospital in the Shenley area. George also eventually went to work there as well. George worked at some time before that for Handley Page.

The picture shows George on Fred's wedding day in 1938.

George died on Holy Saturday 1983. Mary outlived George.

Winifred Winterhalder was a bridesmaid at Frank Salter's wedding. Winifred was disabled and lived her later years in a nursing home run by nuns in Dartford.